Enjoy Visiting Royal Botanical Garden in Melbourne

If you love nature, its fauna and flora, then you will never miss visiting the Royal Botanical Garden located in Melbourne. Whether you live in the district of areas outside the country, the Botanical Garden provides you a different panorama of natural beauty. According to SSC, the Melbourne Airport Service , the garden is located two kilometers from the CBD, in the heart of green parkland that extends south of the Yarra River.

Royal Garden

Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens was established in 1846 by Charles La Trobe, Lieutenant Governor In 1958. Queen Elizabeth II gave the Royal prefix on the Gardens. It occupies a 36-hectare area that slopes to the Yarra River with a variety of numerous species of trees, shrubs, and herbs. It too embraces lakes, garden beds, and beautiful lawns. It displays around 51,000 plants of almost 12,000 species. It also showcases 30 rare plant species. It occupies two locations including Melbourne and Cranbourne. The garden becomes a natural sanctuary for native wife life. It homes black swans, cockatoos, and bellbirds also Kookaburras who fill the atmosphere with their distinctive song. It is owned by the people of Victoria and The Royal Botanical Gardens Board manages it nowadays.


The Botanic gardens hold a wide range of fauna and flora. The plants are used for scientific research, conservation, and aesthetic aims.

The plant collection includes threatened species of Araucariaceae, Arid Garden, and Australian Forest Walk also Bamboo Collection, Camellia Collection, and Fern Gully.

Furry Gulli



The garden, too, homes a wide range of native as well as exotic species of fauna including birds such as Black Swan, Superb Fairy Wren, and Bell Miner also Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Australian Reed Warbler, and Indian Mynahs. You will also see turtles during Spring in it. Common Long-necked Turtles and Murray River Turtles can be seen in the premises of the garden. It also homes Flat-headed Gudgeon, a native fish in Ornamental Lake. You may also see eels, frogs, and Rakali, a native rodent-adapted to live. Different varieties of butterflies, insects, and Grey-headed Flying-foxes also roosted within it.

Children’s Garden

The Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden is the best place for kids to enjoy water structures and pavements. There are numerous fun places to explore such as Ruin Garden, the Meeting Place, and a Wetland Area, also Bamboo Forest in addition to Gorge, Plant Tunnel, and The Rill. It is an interactive educational environment where children of all ages and physical abilities can explore the natural world. If your children want to visit it then, you may take advantage of Chauffeur Car Melbourne Service. The garden supports 50 things for kids to do in it.   


You may step out into the gardens for picnic activities such as running, playing, and jumping. You can throw down your picnic rug, rest on grass, and enjoy charming scenes of nature.

Filming and Photography:

The Royal Botanical Gardens and Cranbourne Gardens are idle for photography and filming. To grant sessions, it needs students either wedding & commercial photographer or media else not-for-profit organization on the other hand filmmakers to offer an application for a permit prior to two weeks to the proposed date.

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