Explore Melbourne More and Enjoy it While Visiting Docklands

Docklands is the Melbourne’s newest entertainment precinct that located on the city’s doorstep. It is an excellent touristic place that linked to the city with superb public and private transport. Silver Star Cars offers Melbourne Airport Services to visit Docklands. The satellite village houses a great number of cafes, restaurants, and parklands also tourist attractions. Its view from Melbourne Star always looks spectacular. The waterfront suburb of the city is developed in a harbor. It is now an attractive technology park and business center. Here is something for everyone from foodies to footy fans, shoppers to kids.


Melbourne Ice house: The Icehouse is Australia’s new world-class ice sports destination for sports lovers to entertain ice skating. It is a fun place for everyone, young or old, whether the individual a novice or an expert in the sport. It is located next door to a Shopping Center. It is the best venue for a full day out. Training lessons are offered for numerous ice based games such as Figure skating, Speed skating, Ice hockey, and Curling. It houses Igloo Café, a small restaurant that serves drinks and light snacks. You may hire a taxi for reaching and enjoying sport here. You may also catch trams to reach there. You may book the venue for celebrating some events such as birthdays, parties and functions. They offer best event planners for you to enjoy your function happily.

Melbourne Ice House

Wonderland Fun Park: Wonderland Fun Park is a wonderful place for your toddlers to enjoy games and several activities. It is the best visiting place for your little children during their school holidays. They learn a lot while playing, jumping, and sitting also standing, running, and hopping. They learn how to buy dummy things from a little supermarket, how to catch dummy fish in water. Plastic and rubber based toys in form of cars, trucks, and buses also animals, instruments, and fruits in addition to vegetables, boats, and small cars are provided at the park. The toddlers also take advantage of the museum in it that contains big artificial jaws, big and separate tooth, and many similar items.   

Docklands Sunday Market: The Docklands Sunday Market presents a new dynamic market where new and beautiful products of daily need and fashion are sold. You can purchase artful purses, beautiful garments, and crystal jewelry also bangles, garlands, and belts furthermore undergarments, make-up accessories, and wrist watches in addition to bone carved articles, plastic wares, and attractive glass based items. You may also buy hats, scarfs, and beauty products also bonsai, artificial flowers, furniture, and toys furthermore books, baby outfits, and soy candles. You may be entertained by Terry the piano player and enjoy a meal at the market that embraces plenty of on-site parking. The visitors can also avail Chauffeur Car Melbourne from SSC to visit and enjoy Docklands.

Enjoy a cruise down the Yarra River: Yarra River is a vital and wonderfully incredible part of the city. Docklands offers a wide range of fantastic trips for visitors. You may take advantage of several boating services here to enjoy an elegant tour. A cruise down the Yarra River offers you a completely diverse experience at Docklands that you never forget.

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