Melbourne CBD Parking Fees Will Get a Hike By 30 Percent

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, the City of Melbourne, while releasing its draft budget for the year 2018-19, announced that the majority of the members of the council decided to spend over $576 million on services that it provides to the Melbournians. The need for parking spaces in CBD Melbourne is quite high as around one million transactions take place every month. Various vehicles in the city require safe staying for some hours daily. Silver Star Cars (SSC), Airport Limousine Melbourne service provider, also need good place for placing their luxury limousines, SUVs, and chauffeured cars. Many taxi service providers including SSC would also be influenced by the latest hike in the rates.

hike in the rates

Parking a car in the Melbourne CBD will increase to $7 an hour. The council likes to place the city in lines with Sydney. The parking within the areas under the main precinct, while embracing Elizabeth Street or Lonsdale Street, will hike by Australian $1.50 per hour, a 27 percent increase. The rise ranges between 20 and 80 cents on the outskirts of the metropolitan city. To park a car in the council-owned spaces in the CBD, a worker would pay an extra $13.5 for a 9 hour day. The rise appeared after a rapid decline in the number of the spots for the facility in the district city. There has been 22 % decrease in parking spots in the Central Business District and a 5 % reduction in areas outside the district, according to a statement released by the council. To offset this decline in revenue and maintaining investment in services they are hiking fees for on and off-street parking. The hike appeared around five years after the rise during 2013.

Arron Wood, Melbourne’s acting lord mayor, stated that they did not take it lightly. It has not occurred for 5 years, so the increase is right and truly justified. The budget delivered records of investment on several programs for the welfare of the citizens. It is useful to maintain clean streets and best parks for them. The investment in events is so vital for the prosperity of the city according to the council. You must ensure you have sufficient coins prior to parking. You should not leave your car unattended to get change for a ticket machine, otherwise, it will liable to fine. Moreover, if you park it near an expired meter then, it is too accountable to get a fine.

The drivers or car owners in the city can also pay the fee through their credit cards. In absence of a credit card, they may pay through alternative methods of payment. You may apply for its permits provided you live in the city. These permits are offered for residential parking, disabilities, and special events. You may also get the licenses for medical practice, and small home renovations etc.


The civil authority of the city will receive public feedback until June 13. A final version will be put on the table in front of the council on June 26. Car parking is essential for various companies who deal with offering taxis in the city including Chauffeur cars service providers in Melbourne. It will also affect car hiring rates in the city. The rise should however, not affect visitors to visit the Melbourne Star, Federation Square or St Kilda Beach and other many attractions.

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