Melbourne is Getting Australia’s First Surf Park Next Year

Melbourne has marvelous beaches and spots to swim. The beautiful banks offer natural waves and its repetition occasionally. The metropolis is set to get its own urban wave pool by the year 2019 to enjoy customized surfing. The Urbnsurf Park will be Australia’s first surf part. The full-sized surfing facility will be based on Wavegarden harbor technology. If that all sounds like nonsense, let us explain some merits of it. The park will use the latest technology to generate artificial waves in a closed environment. It has enough potential to pump out up to one thousand perfect two-meter-high surfing waves each hour. The waves look similar to waves in an ocean. It’ll be stunning inlet for those who enjoy surfing and playing with waves.

The Urbnsurf Park in Melbourne

News airing with an announcement that Urbnsurf has collected $28.5 million funds to develop the facility that will be located adjacent to Melbourne Airport in Tullamarine, and next to Essendon Football Club. Its colorful LED lighting will facilitate the surfing during night whether you’re on the kneeboard, short-board, or longboard. The pool that covers a 2.1-hectare piece of land will come with food and beverage precinct, playgrounds, rock-climbing, mountain-bike pump tracks, skate ramps, gym, and kid’s zone, a few to mention. Urbnsurf also has great plans to host music concerts and untrained as well as skilled surfing competitions at the park.The aim of the organization is revolutionizing surfing-participations in Australia. They are making surfing easy to learn and safe for everyone. The surfers at the pool could be able to ride for between 16 to 18 seconds that is noticeably longer than at famous surf spots.

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