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Melbourne is famous for its fickle weather. Depending on temperature range and humidity, the metropolis has a subtropical oceanic climate with cool winters and warm summers. The atmosphere is suitable to live in the district happily. As the constituency located on an Island, the summers are not too hot. The summer days have sufficient humidity supported by the daytime evaporation in the sea. There are four main seasons in the city to enjoy such as summer, autumn, and winter including spring.

Summer December To February_in_au

Summer (December to February)

Melbourne warms up during its summer season. Its temperature ranges between 24.7 to 26.4°C. The days, during this season, are become hot due to sunshine while nights remain cool. The highest temperatures are usually recorded during January & February in Melbourne when the mercury reaches its peak. The warm winds flow throughout the season, while short thunderstorms are also experienced. Heat waves flow during the sunny days, and people use umbrellas to protect them from the heat of the sun.

Autumn (March to May)

The autumn offers some relief from the hot waves of the summer through providing some coolness in the air. The temperature ranges from 24.4 to 17.7°C on an average during the period. Occasional rainfalls also occur in the areas. The wind flows lightly and pleasantly. The nights also become cooler than they do in the summer.

Winter (June to August)

During winter, the mercury varies from 14.6 to 15.5°C. The weather remains cloudy and cold while the nights show frosts. The season witnesses rare heavy rains. The cool winds flow during sunny days. The temperature may drop to the freezing point. Snow falls can be enjoyed in the parts of northeast of Victoria.

Spring (September to November)

The temperature ranges from 17.7 to 26.6°C during spring days. The days are transformed into calm and sunny from windy to cold. It relieves residents from extreme cold days of the winter. People use umbrellas in October as it gains almost ten days of rainfall. It is the most windy and rainy season in the district.  

The climate overview in Melbourne:

The overall climate in Melbourne is suitable to visit the district from outside the nation anytime. The weather is fit to enjoy all seasons for tourists. The periods support both citizens & passengers. The Silver Star Cars provide them all types of taxi services in Melbourne for traveling in all areas of the metropolitan city.

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