South Melbourne Bans Plastic Bags By Silver Star Cars

Silver Star Cars, the Airport Limo Melbourne, came across notable information regarding the ban of plastic bags in the markets of South Melbourne. The visitors who visit South Melbourne markets will not get plastic bags form super stores. They have to bring their own baskets to collect the articles that they buy from the department stores. The SilverStarCars offers Chauffeur cars service Melbourne to the visitors in the areas of South Melbourne.

There is a buzz in the air that the South Melbourne Market will ban single-use polythene bags on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. The shoppers are told to bring their own bags, baskets or trolleys to carry luggage. Any forgettable folk can purchase a recyclable paper bag spending 20 cents or borrow a fabric Boomerang bag for free of charge. Ian Sumpter, the market General Manager, stated that the decision was made for reducing the plastic pollution in waterways and parklands. “Single-use plastic bags cause enormous damage to our environment, particularly along the foreshore, in our waterways and parklands,” he said. “That’s a key concern for us, our market attendees and our residents. That’s something they feel strongly about, and sustainability is obviously a key priority for the market.” He further added. Eugene Anile, from Frank’s Quality and Veg, one of the shops that support the ban of the bags, replied that it would be good for both community and environment.

He said that there are always teething problems when you change something, but they are already trying to minimize the amount of plastic where they can. Mr. Sumpter said that the plastic bags, utilized for shopping, will be banned. According to him, other kinds of bags, such as linkers that needed on wet foods, plants, and flowers, will continue to be used. “But moving forward, there are some other areas which we probably look to focus on.” He added. The ban specially embraces:

1. Lightweight plastic bags with handles whether they are biodegradable or disposable
2. Heavier-weight carrying plastic bags that often used by department stores

Moreover, barrier bags and clear bags without handles are not banned so far. These bags are useful for carrying fruits, veg, and seafood also meat and deli. Bernadene Voss, the mayor Port Phillip council, said that the constituency tolerated harm to marine life due to disposable plastic.

Silver Star Cars here inform their clients and visitors that they must carry their own bags or baskets, now onwards, if they want to do shopping in the South Melbourne areas. They can avail our Chauffeur Cars Melbourne for shopping in purposes in the regions. Our Chauffeur will help you collecting your purchased goods from there and keeping it inside the car while you’re hiring our limousine.

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