Visit Melbourne Zoo To Enjoy Your Holidays and Interact With Rare Animals

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The Melbourne Zoo is a zoological park in Melbourne that situated within Royal Park in Parkville. It is the best place to visit for animal-lovers and one who loves nature. It is quite difficult to believe that the zoo contains over 320 species of different creatures who hail from different areas of the world. It is worth seeing for tourists too. According to Silver Star Cars, it is just a five-minute drive away from the city center. You get a golden opportunity of wandering through African and Asian forests, interacting with Australian bushes, and even enjoying underwater. You or your family with children could enjoy passing through the pathways where tigers roam, birds sing, and monkeys swing on branches of trees. See the natural wildlife closely at the zoo while exploring the paths of elephants watching kangaroos, emus, and wombats. You have to go underwater to watch the Little Penguins and Australian Fur Seals nearly. The children, under16, are allowed free entry every weekend and during school holidays also public vacations.

Visit Melbourne Zoo

Orang-utan Sanctuary:

At Orang-utan Sanctuary, you can see the Orang-utans, the largest living tree mammals, in their treetop home. The sanctuary offers multimedia and viewing platforms to make you familiar with the highly intelligent tree mammals. They hail from Malaysia & Indonesia and live in the Borneo and Sumatra islands. They are an endangered species of mammals. They are highly protected here as they are becoming extinct.  

Close-up Encounters:

The zoo’s close-up encounters enable you watching numerous animals including Lemur, Giraffe, and Kangaroo also Meerkat, Squirrel Monkey, and Seal in addition to Giant Tortoise very closely, in the presence of a staff member of the zoo who brings the animal close to you paper writer to see it and touch it. You have to bring your digital mobile or camera with you to capture the moments of a close-up. You may book the close-up services for you or a group of visitors.

Kangaroo AUS

Watch Tigers Behind the scenes:

At the zoo, you can see the Sumatran Tigers. The numbers of Sumatran Tigers in the world are decreasing and 3 species of it already become extinct.

See Gorillas behind the scenes:

Gorillas share several features with us, they giggle when amused. The keepers at the zoo offer comprehensive information about the gorillas, how they live and react with each other while living in a wild habitat. Gorillas are also categorized as an endangered species. There running a number of programs associated with their breeding across the 150 institutions worldwide including the Melbourne zoo.

How to get the Melbourne zoo: You may hire a chauffeur car service to visit the zoo if you are an international visitor. You may also use local transport to reach there. The facility worth seeing is remained open 9 am to 5 pm every day of the year. The zoo is suitable for visiting during all seasons in the city whether you are a resident of the country or a foreign tourist.

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