Visit Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, a Leading Attraction in Australia

Do you love nature and like seeing the ocean life closely with your naked eyes? Visit the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium to enjoy your moments while watching amazing sea animals and their life in real time. The Silver Star Cars, Melbourne Airport Service provider supports native and foreign visitors to see the leading attraction in the district.

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The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium takes you on an interactive ocean adventure where you can explore the creatures and features of the sea like never before. It tells you about the stunning discovery and magical marine stories through its attractive and transparent designing. The aquarium is located on the banks of Yarra River adjacent to and under the Flinders Street Viaduct in the central parts of Melbourne. The adventurous facility is owned and run by Martin Entertainments, the UK based company.  It is sure to inspire the love of the oceans. It offers you an opportunity to become a Rockpool Explorer. It homes big sharks and massive stingrays along with the majestic King and cheeky Gentoo penguins in its ice-cool water.

Bay of the rays:

The journey under the surface of Phillip Bay, the Melbourne’s Iconic Port, led you watching the graceful Fiddler rays and other residents like Port Jackson shark.

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Coral Atoll:

The colorful underwater wonderland also homes a wide range of exotic animals such as moray eels and multi-colored fish. Watch carefully to spot Dory, a famous species of Southern Blue Tang.


It enables you or your kids to touch beautiful sea stars and shark eggs. Explore the Mangrove Nursery that provides a playground for juvenile fish. There are around 2,000 species of Sea stars globally.

Coral Caves:

Watch and discover the vibrant and colorful Coral Caves for seeing Clownfish and Moon jellies along with coral reefs.


See Pinjarra face to face, a full, 360 degree, jaw-dropping watching experience. Pinjarra is one of the biggest seawater crocodiles of Australia.

Mermaid Garden:

Enjoy while watching the underwater paradise that offers a panoramic view of the 2.2 million liter aquarium where huge stingrays, massive sharks, and thousands of multi-colored aquatic creatures swim freely.

Silver-star-cars- blog-21-a-Melbourne-Aquarium

Sea Horse Pier:

The Sea Horse Pier homes numerous seahorses, giant cuttlefish, and Dragon fishes to enjoy its rainbow of wonderful colors. Watch how seahorses move vertically in the sea water. This display also represents an internationally famous Weedy Sea dragon breeding program. Along with all these displays, you may also enjoy Cinema, Shipwreck Explorer, and Rain Forest Adventure along with Penguin Playground exhibits.

Food and Beverage:

If you feel hungry or like to have a cup of coffee the Adventure’s Café has something for you. It has a wide range of cold and hot items including burgers, fish, and chips as fresh salads. You may also enjoy a variety of baked items such as cakes, muffins, bread, ice creams and other desserts along with numerous kinds of beverages. The Chauffeur Car Melbourne service provider offers you all variety of the cars to visit the Melbourne Aquarium.

Helpful tips:

Make sure that you bring a high-resolution digital camera with you to capture the stunning moments that encountered during your or your family’s visit to the venue. You may visit the site Melbourne Aquarium for more information.

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