Why Melbourne and Perth airports allow landing during thick fog?

There are several air travelers who visit Australia during the winter season. The most crucial part of any flight is its final approach and safe landing at an airport. The landing becomes too dangerous when thick winter fog rolls in the stakes become even higher and visibility drops to some meters for pilots. As, Melbourne airport car service provider company Silver Star Cars, experienced through last numerous years, during extreme winter days most of the airports stop working due to dense fog until the sky turns to be clear, with the delays in flight services that cause chaos for commuters and overcrowd other airports. The controllers of Melbourne and Perth airports have an extra facility that called CatIIIB authentication. The advanced technology enables pilots to land their aircraft even when visibility drops to just 75 meters.


About CatIIIB system:

It is a high-tech ground-based system that works on radio signals, high-power lighting, and fog detectors to direct pilots toward the landing runways. It has two powerful antennas, one installed at each end of the runway. The antenna sends signals to a plane in the sky about lining up with the airstrip.

Powerful Lighting:

Around 8 thousand lights on the runway flash to guide the pilots to land their planes into a right position. There are four big generators are switched on to power the lighting system during low visibility at the Melbourne Airport.

Visibility Detectors:

In Melbourne airport, there are six sets of sensors in the airfield that measure visibility or RVR (Runway Visual Range).

Melbourne Airport:

At Melbourne Airport only north-to-south runway is compliant to CatIIB norms. The second runway, east-to-west airstrip has both lighting system and fog detectors, but its antennas need an update for the authentication. The airport management is planning to build a third runway to facilitate the increase in traffic during the upcoming days.  According to Luc Ramalinga, Airfield Manager, the management aims to install the high-tech equipment on all three runways to make it CatIIIB compliant.

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Melbourne Airport Control Tower:

The airplane landing on the ground is watched by 5 employees of Airservices Australia. They use ground radar to make sure the runway is clear of both vehicles and aircraft which is the main task of the employees. They prevent drivers and pilots from getting to close to the antennas to interfere with the Instrument Landing System especially during foggy weather. Silver Star Cars also offers Chauffeur car service in the Melbourne including City of Yarra, City of Port Phillip, and the City of Banyule.

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